‘Lupe He Taua’ is one of the names conferred upon the King of Tonga. Translated into English, it means Dove in the Tower. The Dove is the name bestowed upon the King, and the tower is the topmost part of the royal palace. The two olive branches traditionally stand for the Government and the Church. The coronation of King George Tupou the Sixth in 2015, had the whole nation charged up and a sense of joy and peace prevailed. This painting is my second endeavour to capture the festivity spirit. My first painting had one dove, representative of the King. This one has two representatives- of both the King and Queen.

Mediums and material used:
Tapa: is made by beating the bark of the Tongan Mulberry tree for hours, until thin strips finally flatten and stretch out. These pieces are then joined together firmly to form a canvas like surface.
Tongo Ink: is made from the extracted fluid of Mangrove bark.
Acrylic Paint.

Size: 36 (l) x 19 (b) inches

Price: On request

About the Series: Tonga holds an agricultural show annually, in its six main islands namely – Tongatapu, Vava’u, ‘Eua, Ha’apai, Niuatoputapu and Niuafo’ou. It is a time when farmers, fisheries, artisans and handicraft makers come together to display their best products and also get commended for their contribution to the development and progress of the nation.This year the show was very special, as  Tonga also got it’s sixth King – King George Tupou the VIth.  Hence the name “The Royal Agricultural Show”. It was personally inaugurated by the King and Queen, who also visited all 6 islands for the respective shows. For us to be a part of this event was being a small part of our nation’s history.