The Kele’a (shell) is the pride of the ocean bed and every beachfront. Each piece is unique and beautifully etched with a gamut of patterns running across, and all over it. In ancient times the Kele’a was used amongst Tongan tribes to warn about the unknown ships spotted over the horizon. It was also used to summon everyone in the community.
Today, these beautiful Kele’a continue to line our beaches and serve as a touch of unique décor.

Mediums and material used:
Tapa: is made by beating the bark of the Tongan Mulberry tree for hours, until thin strips finally flatten and stretch out. These pieces are then joined together firmly to form a canvas like surface.
Tongo Ink: is made from the extracted fluid of Mangrove bark.
Soil Paint: The soil used as paint is found only in specific places on the ancient island of Eua and in the past, it was used to wash hair.

Bought by Neal and Vicki of Australia; and Bob, Kylie, Ruby, and Molly of New Zealand. We hope this painting helps to refresh your Tongan memories!